An Exploding Food and Beer Scene


It’s difficult to split food and beer in Sheffield – they often go hand in hand. And there are literally so many people, pubs and providers that we couldn’t keep on top of them all as there are new things popping up week after week.

But we’ve done our best to showcase what makes our food and drink different from other cities doing similar things (and it’s not just that we don’t inflate the prices as much!).

It’s difficult to find a way of representing such a diverse collection of people and their products, but one person who has been constantly re-thinking food since he came to the city is Matt Bigland. The Milestone put him on the map, and then Craft & Dough was set up – a totally different offering to Jöro. Each of them had a slightly different model, which Matt then took to new levels with Cutlery Works, transforming an old cutlery factory into the city’s first permanent food hall in the vibrant Kelham Island neighbourhood.

The success of all this aside – the crucial differentiator is the role of people in all of this. The video below shows you just how Matt views the scene.

Food is always a personal choice, and there’s plenty of it. We try to keep an up to date listing on our Welcome to Sheffield pages if you want to do some more searching – but don’t forget to just ask people when you’re here, as there are always new places popping up!

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